HRT Plate Carrier. Best Bang For The Buck.

Over the past few years with the popularity of body armor for civilian purchase, I have seen a number of very poor quality products being marketed as state of the art. Often these reviews were purchased or influenced because the reviewer got them for free. Sadly this left many people on a budget with very few options. It was either spend what you could afford sub $300 or less, and get questionable gear, or eat Ramen noodles for a year and hope the carrier you want is in stock.

I welcome to the table HRT Tactical Gear. I found their carriers through Warrior Poet Society, and if they are good enough for him, they should be good enough for all. The best part is that the carriers are sub $200. So I talked to Jeem over at HRT and he graciously sent out a carrier, front placard, multi mission hanger, a TQ hanger, and a helmet bag. As promised, all reviews of products free or not are honest. I was blown away at the overall quality of these products, and quality often rides on the back of the stitching. I found the stitching to be on par with my Eagle Industries plate carrier, and that cost over $600 for the carrier alone.

The carrier has a ton of modularity to it, and that is not something you normally find with sub $300 carriers, let alone sub $200. With the wide range of options from HRT, it is simple to say that you could buy the carrier 5 times over and equip it differently each time and have a great overall system. My favorite part of the carrier? That would be the shoulder pads; not to big, not too small, and they have hook and loop straps for hydration and communications cables.

I always try to get products in front of people who are in the field full time professionally. I was shocked at how many local Law Enforcement officers liked the product for how simple it was. Once the modularity was explained, many were hands down ready to buy to replace their departmental issued 5.11 carriers. If you are in the market for quality gear at more affordable prices go to HRT Tactical Gear and tell them Jimmy sent ya.

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