So, you want to start reloading, for whatever reason it is, you want to start reloading and are trying to figure out which companies are good to work with when it comes to getting supplies such as brass and bullets. As someone who has been reloading for about 4 years, I have found some horrid places, but have found 1 company that really shows true dedication to the industry, and even more dedication to his customers.

Enter Sages Reloading Supply out of Washington state. Wesley Sage is the owner and this man seems to work miracles. Now currently his supply does not look all that great, and you can thank those who did not prepare ahead of time for that. On any given day, you can find a very wide variety of products from bulk 2000 plus piece brass bundles, to specialty stuff that normally costs your first born, but at a second or third born price.

I will normally order processed ready to load 223 brass from him. Most of the time his ready to load 223 is lake city brass, and ready to load means sized, deprimed, swaged, trimmed, and cleaned. I buy this as processing military brass is my least favorite part of reloading. But he sells Lake city in bunches of ready to load for a very reasonable price. As of May 2020, batches of processed ready to load lake city brass for $31 per 250. Anywhere else is easily 10 or more dollars more expensive. (inventory subject to change based on availability)

What I love about sages is that he has a Facebook page where many people share advice, their adventures, new products and even work bench set ups. He also has veterans’ giveaways, along with first responder giveaways. Often, he will even give a mention to his wife in the group, because she sells insurance and often saves many people a good amount of money each month on insurance.

Now what many love about ordering from Sages, shipping and packaging of the products. Depending on workload, and current events, shipping is often a 2-day event, even to Florida. I have ordered before on a Monday after 5pm PST, and the order was on my doorstep that Wednesday. Now the shipping lead times may extend per the Covid issues, along with runs on guns and ammo like we saw during early days of Covid, but that is to be expected during such an event.

Secondly the packaging often requires a plasma cutter to get into the box. Many companies will toss a couple pieces of tape on the box and call it done with no support to prevent the box from breaking open due to weight, and they do not secure boxes of bullets, so chances are you will lose quite a bit of your order when buying from other places. Sages packaging is the greatest, there is extra packaging on the inside to prevent boxes from moving around, there is extra tape to ensure the box does not leak products due to shipping, and they are clearly marked heavy. This means your postal worker will need to be bribed with beer if you order a lot from Sages.

So go on over to Sages facebook give him a like, and start ordering from him.

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