V Seven Safety Selector Review

About the time I decided to build a MK12 rifle, I also decided to build my take on a “Patrol Rifle”. Now this build will be a multi post series as there were a ton of items that I picked strictly for patrol use. Now for those who may not understand the term patrol rifle, it is a rifle that is issued to or built by a police officer, and carried in their vehicles for when the stuff really hits the fan, and the fan is on high. These rifles experience a ton of vibration and bumps while sitting in the patrol cars.

For this build I chose to go with the V Seven Hybrid/3 gun ambi safety selector. It is a skeleton style paddle on each side and serrated as well. It is simple, and that is something I require on certain builds, simple. What I love most about the selector is that there are 2 different types of “throw”. Throw is how far the selector travels from safe to fire. The V Seven selector has a 90-degree throw (standard spec) and a 45-degree throw.

Install was quite simple, and well if you can install a milspec selector you can install the V Seven selector. All it took was 1 torques key to unscrew and screw in the bolts that hold the paddles on the selector. I added a dab of Loctite to each bolt that way they would not back out with vibrations. After using it for about 1000 rounds, I have fallen in love with the selector, and will have these on all of my rifles from here on out, well except the retro M16A1.

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