As part of my recent post about building a patrol rifle, I wanted to expand on that build for the viewers who may be looking to do a similar build. I used a wide variety of parts, and I simply wanted to put together a master list to give my readers and idea of what I did and why.

The primary parts of a rifle are simple, barrel, bolt carrier group, sights and handguard. So, for most of the rifle I did not skimp on the parts. To get some stuff out of the way, I choose certain parts for all rifle builds, this may be boring to some, but keeping mechanics the same between rifles is important to me.

For the barrel, I chose a Green Mountain barrel, 14.5 inch with mid length gas system and a 1:7 twist rate. This barrel was provided for testing purposes, so that is why I chose that barrel. I used a regular run of the mill low profile gas block, standard gas tube, a Precision Armament AFAB muzzle break (provided for testing) that was pinned and welded to the barrel, a Colt flat top receiver, and a BCM MCMR 13 inch rail. I added a BCM forward grip, Daniel Defense fixed irons sights, Geissele Airborne charging handle, and a white label armory M16 bolt carrier group.

Now, no patrol rifle is complete without a light, and for that I chose the Streamlight Protac Rail mount 2. Why Streamlight? Well I am not spending $300 on a light, and I have used Streamlight for over 15 years. To install the light on the rail, I chose an Arisaka Defense offset scout mount with MLOK option. I am currently running a simple red dot from Pinty optics on the rifle for testing but will more than likely not run an optic full time on the rifle, thanks to a weird astigmatism.

Now, onto the lower receiver build, and this one is just as Frankenstein as the upper, but I do not give a shit if your CDO (like OCD but the letters are in the right order), is kicking and causing you to have a Forest Whitaker eye.

For the actual receiver, I went with a Palmetto State Armory lower receiver, simply because I had it laying around. I used a Geissele lower parts kit, a BCM stock, pistol grip, and trigger guard. I chose to go with BCM items because of quality control, and well, during the recent surge of buying, they were found locally, and the grip is amazing when you have a wrist injury. Lastly, I went with the PWS enhanced buffer tube with ratcheting endplate and castle nut, and the Geissele braided buffer spring and enhanced buffer. That is the same set up I chose on a recent MK12 build, and the reasons to go with them far outweighs the reasons to go with a milspec system. I also chose the V7 ambi safety, and Geissele Tricon trigger in this build as well.

You can get the sights here

Get the light here

Get the light mount here

The rest can be purchased here

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