I would like to welcome a new member to the CWR group of contributors, Zack Meade. Zack is a Jacksonville Florida native, and has spent his life in the firearms industry and has also been a First Responder for most of his adult years. He is currently a Paramedic with a background in Law Enforcement. His specialty is long range shooting, and with working on an ambulance utilizing specialized training to serve his community. He is also married with 3 kids.

Zacks training is as follows.

Long Range Shooting Specialty

C.Q.B Trained, Proficient in Hand to Hand Combat, Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle And Long- Range 

Current Focus- Job Is on Rescue / Ambulance with Specialized Training

15 Years in Local Gun Shops Selling / Testing / Repairing Firearms.

Shooting Events / Competitions Including Conyers, Ga Glock M- Match and Frost-Proof Fl with G.S.S.F Sponsorship 2002-2005. 

Police Explorer For 3 Years Prior To 7 Years of Patrol and Specialty Detachments. (“Crime-Free Housing Unit ” / Unmarked Aggressive Driver Traffic Enforcement)

Law Enforcement Academy 2010. 

State Certified Corrections Officer (Florida State Prison, (C.E.R.T) Cell Extraction Response Team And (D.A.R.T) Designated Arms Response Team.  Transiting to Firearms Instructor Prior To Leaving the Prison. 

Emergency Medical Technician-2014

Critical Care Emergency Medical Technician-2015 


Advanced Medical Life Support Provider, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Provider.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care.

FEMA IS 75: Military Resources in Emergency Management 

FEMA IS-144: Telecommunications Emergency Response Taskforce (T.E.R.T) Basic-2019

FEMA IS-230. D: Fundamentals of Emergency Management

FEMA IS-317: Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T)

FEMA IS-5. a:  An Introduction to Hazardous Materials

FEMA IS-346: Hazardous Materials for Medical Personnel

FEMA IS-907: Active Shooter

FEMA IS-951: DHS Radio Interoperability 

FEMA IS-1200: T.E.R.T Team Leader

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