Recently, I came across an interesting scope from a company called Konus. That scope is the KonusPro EL-30 4-16×44. Which sounds like a simple scope, but it is one of the most advanced scopes for the money out there. For less than $400, you get a scope with an LCD display and 10 different reticles, and yes you read that correctly. The scope is a one piece 30 mil aluminum tube, with locking turrets, 1/10 mil adjustments, waterproof, fog proof, and shock proof.

So, what purpose does a scope with an LCD display and 10 reticles serve in the current world of shooting? Well, it can be medium range, long range, Precision Rifle Shooting competitions, or even hunting. The cool part is that once you find the reticle you prefer, or the one that works best for most of your shooting preferences, it will always stay on that reticle until you turn it to a different one.

Out of the numerous scopes I have shot in my time, some of which are well over $2000, the EL30 was one of the nicest and clearest scopes I have used. The fit and finish was top notch, the turrets and the adjustments were the best I’ve felt, everything was absolutely amazing considering the price being under $400. Add in their cantilever mount (item#7219), you will have the most versatile scope set up on the market.

Where do I see this scope going in the future? I see this scope going on to compete in many PRS competitions, or on the rifles of many people who want that extra edge when they go from one terrain to another. I personally will be using this scope on the 6.5 Creedmor build in the very near future.

Click the link below for more information and where to buy. A huge thank you to Mark for working with me on the scope, and for the delay in review due to medical issues. Go over to their website and buy a scope or two.


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