So, part of the package that I received from Konus included a LPVO (low power variable optic), and specifically it is the M30 1-6×24 Item#7182. Now, I have a rough history with the LPVO’s that I have tried in my time. I have a weird astigmatism where many optics just do not play well with my eyes, so more often than not I just run basic iron sights. Yes, even Aimpoints, and Eotech’s seem to really not mesh with my eyes either. I was a bit skeptical when trying out the M30, but I know my sight is vastly different than others and I gave it a shot so that hopefully it would be a good fit for my readers who would be in the market for an LPVO.

So, the M30 is pretty much run of the mill for most LVPO’s on the market, but with something that stood out from many on the market, and that was blue illumination (ill touch on why this is important to me in a few). The rest of the scope info is pretty simple, waterproof, fog proof, shock proof, heavy caliber rated, engraved reticle, and one-piece tube. More often than not, you will see multicolored reticles that are on the cheap quality side of the market, feels cheap, looks cheap, crap adjustments etc. As soon as I picked up the M30, it felt great, the windage and elevation adjustments felt great, similar to the feel of Nightforce optics, the glass was more clear than Alaskan waters, and over all the quality was felt.

I mounted the M30 with a unique mount from Konus, a cantilever mount Item #7219. It looks like a basic mount, but once you start looking at it, you see a ton of adjustments to really get the eye relief perfect. The mount is length and height adjustable and inserts that can be used or removed so that you can have 1 mount to run a 1-inch tube or 30mm tube. I literally spent an hour just playing with the mount as my gear head mind went full nerd. Overall, I think this will be the only mount I use for the foreseeable future.

I found the return to zero to be spot on with this scope and mount combo, and the best part, the blue and red illumination. For my eyes, the only color illumination that has worked for me is blue. Most optics with blue illumination have a really crappy reticle, or the reticle is too busy. The M30 has a simple 3-part cross hair with circle dot (dot inside of a larger ring). Simple is something that I strive for on all or most of my firearms, and the M30 is just that, simple.

This would be a great optic for 2- or 3-gun use, hunting, or even law enforcement use. Once the market recovers, I plan to put this optic onto an AR rifle that will be used for hunting, but for the time being it will find a home on a 300 black out.

Click below to pick up the scope


Click below to pick up the mount


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