Culpepper War Room remembers 9/11

As I look back on the past 19 years, I can’t help but to look at how far we have come as a country. I was 13 when 9/11 happened, and was sitting in 7th grade history class, and I remember the teachers being called into the hallway and them coming back in with tears in their eyes. They never told us what happened, and we continued class as normal. 19 years later, we have come so far as a country, but have also fallen as a country as well. I can’t help but to think about how much I miss the unity of 9/12.

19 years ago, we lost many great Americans, and we lost many heroes, all who had their own life to live, their own families, and some were just getting started in life, all gone in a matter of seconds. I remember prior to this day 19 years ago, how the country was enjoying a false sense of security, and we went about our days, forgetting the lesson learned from Pearl Harbor, December 7th 1941, and we as a country paid the price for forgetting.

As a country, we were hurt, bruised, but we were not beaten. As Americans, we have a bond, and drive to not be beaten, we have patriotism, and a passion to take the fight to those who have punched us. But today, I am seeing us as a country divided, divided over simple things, A MAGA hat, a yard sign, or simply over words that reflect non offensive views of a person. We have moved backwards as a country, racial tensions through the roof, claims of inequality with salary, riots in the streets where simply being in the wrong place can get you killed, or even being conservative can get you killed.

Where has the country gone, that I grew up to love so dearly? Where is the country gone that my family has fought in war to protect? Where is the country gone that my Great Uncle Rex gave his life for in World War 2? Where have we gone, as a people of the greatest country in the world? It took 19 years for the Taliban to achieve what they wanted to do when they stepped foot on those planes on 9/11. If we are to become one again, we need to realize that life is short and fragile, we need to remember each person lost this day 19 years ago, and we need to set our differences aside, for those lost, and for our country. Yes, we will disagree on things, we are human, but it is our differences that makes America great, and give us the chance to prosper in this country.

I pray that we will never need another 9/11 to remind us just how fragile life is, or that an attack can happen anywhere. 19 years ago, today, 3000 Americans died, and we promised that we would never forget. We have the memorial in New York, the Pentagon, and even in the field where the heroes of Flight 93 crashed their plane, so that others may live. I ask that we come together again as a nation, for each day that this country continues on the path that it is on now, the sooner we will forget 9/11, and the lives of those lost will then be in vein. Remember 9/11, but also remember 9/12 and the way we as a nation. Also never forget the ones lost in Benghazi, when the government failed its people, and warriors.

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