Ever since I was a kid, I have loved flashlights, and I have no idea why. I carry one with me every day, one in my car, one in my EDC bag, and have 6 or 7 laying around the house. Having flashlights is something I deem mandatory for all homes, cars, bags, and garages. For most of my professional career in the security industry, I always carried Streamlight products, because they were affordable and durable. Do not get me wrong, I love a good surefire, but I couldn’t see myself spending 2 or 3 times the money for the same product offered by another reputable company. When in the Law Enforcement and Security industry, there has been a company that has been around for a while, ASP, and they have been really stepping up their game with flashlights.

Mike over at ASP hooked me up with 2 flashlights, the Poly DF (polymer body), and the Spectrum (more on this in another review). I used to stay away from polymer flashlights and only get the metal bodied ones, which in the summers of Florida turned out to be a rough adventure. I carried my flashlight on my left side, and when doing events or traffic details for clients in the day, the flashlight would get hotter than hot, and when hopping in my car it would burn the crap out of my arm. The Poly from ASP solves that problem, and it also shaves weight off the competition as well. Weight is the main reason police and security don’t wear level 4 plates in the body armor all day, and why many agencies choose polymer side arms for their officers. At 5 ounces, the Poly also wins the day for saving the low back.

The Poly is rechargeable and comes with a retractable charging cord and rechargeable 18650 battery, which you can use disposable CR123 batteries in a pinch, for $123 directly from ASP. The whole light is polymer, not just part of it, and comes with a foam wrapped grip area as well. The most interesting part is the 3-position tail cap itself. After speaking with Mike about the Poly, he explained the theory behind the tail cap. The middle position is a lock, does not allow the light to be turned on (I wish more companies had this option). Nothing sucks more than grabbing your gear bag, feeling heat from the flashlight being on, and having to recharge or replace those expensive one time use batteries, sometimes just a day or two after you replaced the last ones.

If you grab the light with your right hand, and you push your thumb to rotate the tail cap up, it allows the light to be constant on, just click and the light stays on till you turn it off. If you do this with your left hand, and push up, the light is in the momentary position, so you have to hold the button to keep the light on, and when you let go it turns off. You can also turn the light to constant on position, turn the light on, then rotate the cap to the middle position and block the light from being turned off. All of this is based on techniques and manipulations used in the tactical training that ASP provides to Law Enforcement Officers.

So, after all of this, lets get down to the dirty part, the specs. The flashlight has a max of 525 lumens with a max lumen run time of 3.5 hours. It does have a lower lumen light as well when 525 is too many lumens for the situation. A simple double tap is all you need to do to use the lower lumen option. It can throw a beam 213 meters with a generous hot spot in the middle. Overall length is 6.125 inches, and max diameter is 1.4 inches. This whole package combined makes one of my new favorite flashlights offered to the first responders today. If I was still working the streets, this light would replace my Streamlight Protac HL3 that I carried for 5 years.

Get the Poly direct from ASP here

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